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Lenzi Johnson

Office Manager

Lenzi Johnson is the Office Manager at Strata Homes, a prominent residential and commercial construction company. Her role is crucial in ensuring the smooth functioning of administrative operations. Lenzi excels in organizing tasks, optimizing workflows, managing financial aspects, and handling permits for each project. With a background in banking, construction, and office management, Lenzi brings a wealth of experience to her position. Her expertise lies in fostering a positive and efficient office culture, and strives to maintain a family-like atmosphere, combining a sense of fun with productivity.

Lenzi is dedicated to supporting the growth of business and personal relationships and is committed to contribute significantly to the overall success of Strata Homes. Her ability to streamline procedures and optimize workflows ensures that projects are executed seamlessly.

Outside the professional realm, Lenzi loves most her role as a wife, mom, grandma and friend! She loves spontaneous road trips, camping adventures, and coffee. Lenzi’s vibrant personality shines through her ability to find laughter in any situation, even the serious ones. 😉 Her multifaceted background and passion for both professional and personal growth make her a valuable asset to Strata Homes.