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Josh Warner

Structural draftsman

Josh Warner, a long time resident of Las Vegas has recently made himself invaluable to the mission of Strata homes. After serving a two year mission for his church among the proud people and inspired architecture of Barcelona, Spain, Josh returned to enroll at the UNLV school of architecture. He graduated with his bachelors degree in architecture in 2005.

During his schooling he began working as a structural draftsman, work that he pursued for six years. The product of his skills in drafting and his architectural education was the establishment of Josh Warner Residential Design in 2008. Josh Warner’s hard work speaks for itself and hundreds of beautiful homes now stand as a testament to his talent and eye for design.

While he feels great pride in the beauty of his professional work, Josh finds stronger satisfaction in the family that he and his wife Ginger have established. They have eight children: Taryn, Kadin, Ginger, Hannah, Isaiah, Isabella, George and Kai, who in addition to being occasionally delightful keep them working hard, learning and growing all the time.