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Gen Dalley

Director of Marketing

Gen Dalley is the director of marketing, selections coordinator, and oversees all the events, including Strata’s parade home.
As a licensed realtor, Gen brings a deep understanding of the real estate market to her role. This dual expertise allows her to bridge the gap between construction, marketing, design and sales, offering clients a comprehensive service package from start to finish.

Her design choices not only highlight the unique features of each property, but she has the ability to methodically hand pick each selection to the individual style and preference of every client.

From exclusive open houses, to large-scale community events, Gens expertise in event planning is helping raise the profile of Strata Homes in Southern Utah. Her events are meticulously organized, ensuring that each one provides a positive experience and builds lasting relationships within the community.

She has made Southern Utah her home since moving here after high school in 1993. Gen has seen the growth of the area, and welcomes it, except when driving down 3000 E at 3PM  when school lets out (pro tip: avoid that at all cost!). Gen believes that anything is possible, there is always a difference you can make, or a last minute change to make things better!

She is a little bit of a task driver when it comes to getting things done in a quick, efficient manner. She sleeps less, and works harder than most humans do, it’s kind of a super power. Seeing results is what really drives her so if you’re not going to help, get out of her way!

When there is anything fun going on at Strata homes, you can guarantee Gen had something to do with it!